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PESTLE is one of a well known series of acronyms used in business and marketing planning which summarises how to review the broader forces sometimes known as 'macro-environment' which shape a business: We rate PEST or PESTLE analysis as one of the top 20 marketing models which we feature in our digital marketing models guide.In this article we will explain how to complete a PESTLE analysis covering each of the parts using an example of applying the analysis.In our free, illustrated guide to 16 classic planning models diagrams we explain what they are and give examples of why and how to apply them in business.Download our Essential Marketing Planning Models guide.

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In fairness, Larry Ellison is the fifth richest man in the world, so if that’s how you keep score, he has much more credibility than I.

– Larry Ellison Personally, I disagree with Larry, and I think that the focus should be on the customer winning.

Hopefully that’s often through your product or service offering, but sometimes your competitors can serve customers looking for a solution better than you can.

Sources only become historical evidence, however, when they are interpreted by the historian to make sense of the past.

The answers they provide will very much depend on the sorts of questions historians are asking.

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