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[VIDEO] Is It Bad To Have A List Of Must-Haves In Men?_____ However, that perspective is entirely possible to achieve while still dating the person if you are well informed of the top dating red flags that are often overlooked. How they treat others is a good indicator, especially as you’re getting to know them in the beginning, of how they will treat you once the honeymoon period is over. While arguments are unavoidable in any relationship, fighting fair should be an expectation that you have of your partner to ensure that they show you respect even if they are angry.Ask her about her hometown, her family, or her work.You can learn a lot about a person by what he says and the way he answers. Meeting online When arranging to meet someone you met over the Internet, make it a safe time of day and choose a public place such as a restaurant, a coffee shop, or even a large department store.In dating, remember to proceed with caution and determine whether or not to continue on a romantic relationship.Here are some possible problems that you should steer clear from or be cautious about.

Take time to really know your date by asking questions on your first few dates.

If these red flags are not addressed in the early stages of dating, then 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years later you’ll be faced with a relationship crisis on your hands saying, “I didn’t know that he/she would be so controlling/critical/self centered etc...“ Singles who ignore the red flags often minimize or deny the meaning of the behavior of the person they are dating.

They say, “Oh that quality doesn’t really matter.” Or “It’ll work out somehow; love will conquer all.” Or “They will change.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

No matter how many times you have previously dated, taking another person on a date always has endless possibilities and unknown results.

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You could be moving too fast, it would probably be too late for you to realize that you have hit a wall.If you do not like how they treat others on a consistent basis, this is one of the top dating red flags and a sign that you should reconsider the relationship. [INTERVIEW] Christie Hartman Interview – Find Love Online _____ It is a sign your partner is not a healthy communicator.